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Fresh Bourbon

Fresh Bourbon

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The Fresh Bourbon mash bill consists of corn, honey malt, malted wheat, malted rye and malted barley.

By using a lower volume of corn and introducing specialty malted grains, strong new flavors are developed, balancing against the heavy sweet and smokey character from the barrel.

Distillation: Distilled in a 500 Gallon Pot Still

Distillation is modeled after something much closer to a pre-prohibition style distillation that focuses on flavor retention and compounds from the source materials that are allowed to make it through the distillation process.  This is designed to further the idea of what Bourbon can taste like or more appropriately, what it did taste like almost 100 years ago. 

Barrel: Mix of Sizes, Including 6 Gallon “Nano” Barrels

We use a mix of new and charred oak barrels as well as a mix of barrel sizes to achieve the desired results.  We distill low and don’t add water coming off the still, so barrel entry and overall distillation proof is much lower than most Bourbons produced today.  Quality and flavor profile dictate our decisions, not age statements or corporate pressure.

Proofing: 95 Proof Bottle Strength

Fresh Bourbon is cut using pure water to our preferred neat drinking and cocktail proof of 95 or 47.5% a.b.v.

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